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A new way of Working, Together. Communicate and Archive in one single solution.

Welcome to Paralda BV Business Information Software Solutions.

Paralda BV celebrates a decade of Business Intelligence Software (BIS) solutions in January 2010.
Since Paralda was first introduced to the market, we have supplied customers with both our standard Paralda Solutions Package, our exclusive customized Data Systems, Content Management Systems and integration with various existing systems across the world.

The Paralda Team.

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- Business Intelligence and Archiving
Simplified with Paralda.

   CEO Paralda BV Niels Lefeber Speaks

- Dutch Companies Ready for Archive Law?
   André van Dijk (International Sales) explaines

- Vital Importance of Paralda's S.a.a.S. Network.
   Why we choose Data Center Ede (The Netherlands)

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Twente Solar Challenge

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